Generate a passive income with cryptos thanks to DeFi and CeFi

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BlockFi is an American company licensed by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) that allows you to deposit your cryptocurrencies and earn an annual percentage yeld up to 10%. You can withdraw the deposited amounts and accrued interest at any time without any constraints. Use this link to get up to 250$ bonus by depositing cryptos with a minimum value of $100.
DeFi and CeFi

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Bitcoin Kit Full


  • Training on sending and receiving cryptocurrencies;
  • Registration in the cheapest and most liquid exchanges;
  • Follow up in the conversion EURO Crypto;
  • Secure configuration of a personal or corporate wallet, with single or multi signature, of which you are the sole holder of the recovery keys (seed);
  • How to store the seed with high security criteria;
  • Configurations to auto-convert in EURO every crypto transaction received on a specific address;
  • Anonymity and irrevocability of transactions.

Bitcoin Kit Premium


  • Services included in Bitcoin Kit Full;
  • Technical information about DeFi (Decentralised Finance) applied to generate passive incomes with cryptocurrencies and FIAT money;
  • Activation of the best crypto cards with cashback;
  • Technical assistance in the creation and automation of accumulation plans.


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