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The 4 characteristics of Bitcoin
that have determined its success

Bitcoin is above the control power of government agencies.
There is no institutional, governmental or supranational entity that can control bitcoin's technological infrastructure and the transactions it handles daily. Bitcoin is today the first supranational financial infrastructure that is regulated, recognised and distributed worldwide, where anyone has guaranteed access through the internet.
Forget banks and financial intermediaries.
Until now you have been in the habit of using banks to manage your funds and you probably feel that this is the safest place to store them. Thanks to blockchain technology, which is distributed and replicated in thousands of copies across the global internet, Bitcoin no longer requires you to use a third party to deposit and manage your money. Just use a simple software or hardware wallet on your PC or smartphone to send and receive payments and the blockchain will keep track of them forever.
Financial Autonomy
You are for the first time the real owner of your money.
If you hold your bitcoins in a wallet that you own, there is no entity in the world that is technically able to block your funds or their transfer to third parties. For the first time, you are truly the sole owner of your money. On the other hand, you are also solely responsible and any mistake you make may result in the irreparable loss of your funds.
Programmed Deflation
The algorithm behind bitcoin plans the growth of value.
Unlike the old financial system which is governed by central banks, i.e. regulators run by people who decide autonomously on the policy of issuing new money generating inflation (and loss of purchasing power) depending on market conditions, with bitcoin you already know that there will be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins in circulation and that they will gradually be put on the market by the year 2150, through an algorithm that plans the increase of the scarcity of issuance over time and consequently the increase of the exchange price.

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Bitcoin Kit Full


  • Training on sending and receiving cryptocurrencies;
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  • Follow up in the conversion EURO Crypto;
  • Secure configuration of a personal or corporate wallet, with single or multi signature, of which you are the sole holder of the recovery keys (seed);
  • How to store the seed with high security criteria;
  • Configurations to auto-convert in EURO every crypto transaction received on a specific address;
  • Anonymity and irrevocability of transactions.

Bitcoin Kit Premium


  • Services included in Bitcoin Kit Full;
  • Technical information about DeFi (Decentralised Finance) applied to generate passive incomes with cryptocurrencies and FIAT money;
  • Activation of the best crypto cards with cashback;
  • Technical assistance in the creation and automation of accumulation plans.


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